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Our Pricing

Session times

Full day


School day

9 am-4pm



Daily cost (including food)



10% for the youngest sibling

Funded children (15/30 hours)

We accept 2, 3 and 4 year old funding. We accept both 15 and 30hours. Our funding offer is stretched throughout the year and claimed at 11hrs or 22hrs per week respectively. Local authority forms must be completed before claiming funding and it is your responsibility to apply for the 30hour eligibility code from Childcare Choices on-line. A code must be applied for before the funding period for example for a code to be valid from September to December it must have been applied for by 31 August.

The total amount of funding claimed will be deducted from your child’s hours of attendance. For example, if your child attends for 30hrs per week and you are claiming 22hrs stretched funding, there will be 8hours outstanding to pay. We can claim a maximum of 10hrs a day.

Food is included within the daily costs however it is not included within the funding. Children claiming funding will be required to pay for their meals they require based on their session as follows;











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