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Fees & Funding Policy: Highfield House

The fees and session times are laid out as below:

Session times (as of 01 May 2020)


Daily cost

Full day – 0730-1800


School day – 0830-1600


Morning session (if applicable) – 0730-1300


Afternoon session (if applicable)– 1300-1800



Fees are invoiced and payable monthly, before the month begins. Payments should be made via BACS or as a standing order. We do not accept cash payments directly to the nursery.

We accept all vouchers schemes and are set up to accept tax-free childcare.

Fees are payable for 51 weeks of the year. No refunds or discounts will be made when a child is absent, ill or on-holiday. Where a child is hospitalised for a period of time, it is up to the discretion of the Senior Leadership Team whether there are any discounts available. This will be reviewed on an individual basis.

There is a fee of £70 payable at registration and £100 deposit once a child has been offered a place. However, if a child accesses the stand alone offer of their funded hours only then a registration fee will not be charged. Please see the Admissions policy for further information.

Please see terms and conditions for further information.


Invoices are worked out by multiplying the cost of one week’s fees by 51 weeks and dividing it by 12 to create 12 equal monthly payments. Any extra sessions or Ad Hoc days will be added to the following months invoice at the individual session price.


We accept 2, 3 and 4-year-old funding, both through the universal entitlement and the extended entitlement.


2, 3 and 4-year-old funding is not available until the term after the child’s birthday, for example a child born in February will not be able to claim funding until after Easter.


Universal Funded Entitlement

We offer funding throughout the year on a stretched basis. Each child who is eligible for funding will receive 11 hours per week through the stretched offer.


Extended Funding Entitlement

We offer the extended funded hours over a stretched period which is 22 hours per week for 51 weeks of the year.


In order for any parent to access the extended funding, it is the parents responsibility to check eligibility every three months and the nursery is not at fault if funding is taken away due to the parent not checking their funding code.


All funded sessions are in line with the flexible arrangement as specified by the Government. The maximum hours of funding that can be claimed in one session is 10hours. Our full day sessions are 10.5hours, therefore there will be half an hour on each day which will be invoiced at the appropriate hourly rate.


Eligible children will be asked to complete a funding form in order for us to claim this funding from the local authority. The funding will not be allocated against the invoice until confirmation of the funding application has been received and checked.


Parents must also be aware that if their child is unwell and unable to attend their funded session, they will not be allowed to choose another session to replace the missed session. They are however, entitled to up to four weeks holiday from the funded sessions.


We would like to make it clear that we do not discriminate or favour any one child who would or would not be receiving funding at our setting.


Stand-alone Offer

We have 3 funded only spaces:

1x 2year old funding 11hrs per week – these sessions are 2 morning sessions per week. The specified days will depend on availability.

1x 3/4year old universal funding 11hrs per week – these sessions are 2 morning sessions per week. The specified days will depend on availability.

1x 3/4year old extended funding 22hrs per week – these sessions are 4 morning sessions per week. The specified days will depend on availability.

These stand-alone spaces are offered on a first come first served basis.


Charges for lunch and additional services during funded hours

Any meals or additional services provided during funded hours will incur a charge. Food is charged at £10 per full day.











It is possible to opt out of our food entirely, bringing all food for the day in picnic form. All food should be clearly labelled as breakfast, lunch, tea and snacks and stored in a thermal lunch box with cool block. Please note, there is no option of heating up meals or ability to store in a fridge. We will provide milk and water. It is not possible to pay for some meals and supply others; the policy is all or nothing.


Any other additional charges for individual services, such as Yoga, Outdoor Skills, etc. will be detailed in advance and the option to opt out given.


Invoices for funded children

The invoices for funded children show the total number of hours attended and the numbers of hours claimed. Any remaining, unfunded hours are charged at an hourly rate. This rate is worked out by taking the total monetary value of a week and divide it by the hours attended. This hourly rate will then be multiplied by the total unfunded hours and multiplied by 51 and divided by 12 to create equal monthly payments. Food during funded sessions will be worked out the same way and invoiced as a regular monthly payment.


General extra Charges


Late collection


Generally, the late pick-up fee is free for the first 10 minutes and then charged at £1 per minutes after until collection, which will be added to the invoice. Where a parent or family are regularly late to pick up their child(ren) we reserve the right to charge a late pick-up fee of £1 per minute from the end of the session until the child is collected. We will inform you of these charges.


Unpaid or late payments


All invoices are sent monthly, in advance (around 20th of every month). Payment must be made before the month begins and late payment may incur additional charges and interest.

If payment has not been received and are continually late or unpaid (without any communication from parents) we reserve the right to remove the child or deny access to our nursery. If parents are having difficulty in paying their fees, it is imperative that they inform the nursery manager at their earliest convenience so a formal discussion can be had regarding fee payments.

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